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Milford, CT Roses

🌹 Milford, CT Roses from Town and Country Florist. Discover the timeless elegance and beauty of roses at our comprehensive Rose Collection. As dedicated florists and flower designers, we curate an exquisite array of roses suitable for every occasion. Whether you're an event planner seeking the perfect floral arrangements, a flower designer crafting stunning bouquets, or a wedding service aiming to enhance the charm of your special day, our diverse range caters to all.Our flower market offers a spectrum of colors, from classic reds to vibrant yellows, catering to the nuanced preferences of our clientele. Looking for a reliable flower delivery service? We specialize in timely and pristine deliveries, ensuring your roses arrive fresh and breathtaking. 🌹 Town and Country Florist 325R New Haven Ave 06460 (203) 878-5919